Classic Hamburger


Please Note! THIS IS FOR PICKUP ONLY From 314 WEST 58th St Location – Free Curly Fries & Soda 3-8pm All Week!

Classic 1/2 Pound Angus Burger Grilled to Perfection with Toppings, Curly Fries and Can Of Soda
APPLY COUPON CODE: EveningDeals at checkout for a $4 Discount Daily From 3-8pm

Add Extra 1/2 Pound Angus Burger Patties $3.00

Classic Burger Bun

Everything Bagel

Plain Bagel

Garlic Bagel

Onion Bagel

Asiago Bagel

Pumpernickel Bagel

Whole Wheat Bagel

Medium Rare


Medium Well

Well Done

Not Toasted


Double Toasted

Toasted with Butter $1.00

Curley Fries $2.50



Hot Sauce


American Cheese $1.00

Cheddar Cheese $1.50

Swiss Cheese $1.50

Pepper Jack Cheese $1.50

Fresh Mozzarella Cheese $2.00

Please select up to 2 options.

Bacon $2.00

Taylor Ham / Pork Roll $2.00

Pastrami $4.00

Sausage $2.00

Please select up to 2 options.

Mushrooms $1.50

Avocado $2.00

Grilled Onion $1.00

Tomato $0.50

Raw Onion



Diet Coke $1.50

Coke $1.50

Diet Pepsi $1.50

Pepsi $1.50

7 Up $1.50

Kale Apple, Banana, Pineapple Smoothie $7.99

Vanilla Protein Smoothie $7.99

Mango Banana Milk Smoothie $6.99

Strawberry Banana Milk Smoothie $7.99

Strawberry Blueberry Raspberry Milk $6.99

Strawberry Peach Apple Juice Vanilla Yogurt Smoothie $6.99

Peach Raspberry OJ Smoothie $6.99

Strawberry Fresh Lemon Juice Yogurt Smoothie $6.99

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