Build Your Own Fresh Broad Nosh Bagel


Add Your Own Cream Cheese, Nova Lox, Spreads Etc – Be Creative

Plain Bagel

French Toast Bagel

Asiago Bagel

Everything Bagel

Whole Wheat Everything Bagel

Egg Everything Bagel

Egg Bagel

Poppy Seed Bagel

Sesame Bagel

Garlic Bagel

Onion Bagel

Multi-Grain Bagel

Pumpernickel Bagel

Blueberry Bagel

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel

Gluten Free Plain Bagel $1.00

Gluten Free Everything Bagel $1.00

Not Toasted


Double Toasted


Plain Cream Cheese $3.50

Scallion Cream Cheese $3.75

Vegetable Cream Cheese $3.75

Lox Spread Cream Cheese $5.75

Scallion Lox Spread Cream Cheese $5.75

Jalapeno Cream Cheese $3.75

Olive Cream Cheese $3.75

Sun Dried Tomato Cream Cheese $3.75

Walnut Cream Cheese $3.75

Sweet Apple Cream Cheese $3.75

Strawberry Cream Cheese $3.75

Pain Tofu Non Dairy Cream Cheese $3.99

Scallion Tofu Non Dairy Cream Cheese $3.99

Butter $1.00

Jam $1.00

Butter and Jam $2.00

Lettuce $0.50

Tomato $0.75

Onion $0.50

Capers $0.60

Cucumber $0.50

Avocado $2.00

Tuna Salad $9.45

Mexican Tuna Salad $10.49

Egg Salad $6.49

Nova Lox $14.45

Baked Salmon $13.45

Baked Salmon Salad $10.50

White Fish (Boneless) $13.45

Sable $14.45

Nova Lox Open Face $19.45

Nova Lox Sable Compo $20.45

Nova Lox White Fish Compo $20.45

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